King Cole 3650 help required with pattern.

Hi I haven’t asked for help before so I hope I am using this site correctly. I was wondering if anyone can help me with a King Cole pattern no 3650 for cabled gloves. I’m stuck on Shape Thumb. On the first row it says K19, m1, k1, M1, patt 27. 49 St’s.

I understand it apart from patt 27. Am I right in saying I go back to row one of the pattern, I assume so but which 27 St’s?

1st Row of pattern is as follows K22, P2, K8, P4, K8, P2, K1.

I really would appreciate help, it’s so frustrating not being able to understand and I really want to make a good job.

Thanks in advance. Helen

Think King Cole are very confusing patterns these days Helen I’m confused too I’ve posted on here regarding king Cole pattern I’ve never had a more confusing pattern Hope you get it solved as I can’t fathom yours either x

I really appreciate your reply. I may have to call King Cole tomorrow. Thanks.

I’ve emailed them with my query :pray:

I hope we can both get replies and get on with our projects.

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Keep you posted lol :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

Welcome to KH!
When you start the thumb gusset, you want to continue the pattern stitch across the 27sts. If you’re up to row 1 on the pattern stitch then work row 1 across the 27. If you’re up to a different row, say row 3, then work that row for these sts.

Thankyou very much for replying so can you confirm if I was on row 1 of the pattern when it came to shaping the thumb which says Shape Thumb. 1st Row K19, m1, K1, M1, patt 27. 49sts. Would I go back to 1st Row of pattern which shows “K22, P2, K8, P4, K8, P2, K1”. Am I right in saying I would K22, P2, K4.

Sorry I haven’t really knitted that many items and I therefore haven’t read a lot of patterns.

Thankyou ever so much…

It seems to me that the k22 is on the palm of the gloves. You want to start with the stitch pattern (either the basketweave or the V shaped pattern). You’ll have to figure out how to continue that pattern on the 27 back of the hand sts.
Can you quote the last row that you worked before the thumb gusset? Is it the basketweave or the V pattern)? Don’t give us a large portion of the pattern due to designer copyright.

It’s the V pattern and the last row I did before it states “Shape Thumb” was as follows:- P1, K2, (P2, K4) 3 times, P2, K2, P22.
1st to 6th row sets patt.
Keeping continuity of patt as set (throughout) work 6 rows more.
Shape Thumb
Thanks for looking at this, it is greatly appreciated. I’m wondering if I’ve bitten off more than I can chew with this pattern!

I have to do it now as I have some lovely wool and have promised my daughter some gloves and a hat!

The last row of the pattern was P1, K2, (P2, K4) 3 times, P2, K2, P22. (47sts)
and the pattern stitch row that you’re up to is row 1: K22, P2, K8, P4, K8, P2, K1 (47sts)

For the “pattern 27sts” you could try using 2sts of the K22 and working the rest of the row. So it would be:
K2, P2, K8, P4, K8, P2, K1 (27sts)

But… make sure that that aligns with the pattern from previous rows.

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Thank you ever so much, I will try as you suggest. I would not have thought of that but can see where you are coming from. Thanks again. I’m certainly not going to give in!