Kinda serious ? - dangers of knitting in the car

I like knitting in the car on long trips but it drives my Husband nuts when I do it. He says it’s really dangerous because if we were in an accident I could stab myself with the needle and be seriously injured or worse. I see his point (no pun intended) but I’ve never heard of anyone being unjured while knitting in the car. What is everyone’s thoughts on this? Anyone heard of someone hurt because of in-car knitting? Is it something you even worry about?

What if you use circulars? They are a lot less lethal IMO. Even though they do have points I don’t think they’d impale you.

I think that if you look at things from that perspective, then everything in your car thats not secure is dangerous–cans of soda, a purse, car charger for a cell phone, etc. All of these things could knock you out if you were hit hard enough–kwim? Sounds dh is being super cautious and protecting his loved ones–I guess it’s just all in how you look at it and what you are comfortable with!

I do not knit in the car. I have thought about the dangers of it, too. Personally, I agree with your DH. I just don’t think it’s worth the risk.

:smiley: Ahhh, I must knit on road trips :wink:

I knit at stoplights. I get a lot done. :slight_smile:

I get sick, so I can’t knit in the car, but I think that if the accident were serious enough that you impaled yourself with a needle, chances are good you’d have other things to worry about. :slight_smile:

I totally agree. In order to be impaled with a knitting needle, you’d have to be holding it with a death grip as your body was thrown onto it. Even it it got wedged somewhere and it could impale you, the force would be tremendous.

I can’t imagine anything happening with circs, though, under any circumstances, unless you decided to strangle someone in the car. :wink:

I always felt it would be rather ironic if I died in a knitting accident. :rollseyes: :rofling: :wink:

My dad thinks its dangerous too. I usually take a sock to knit on while in the car. He says if it looks like we’re going to be in an accident, to throw those “toothpicks” (what he calls DPN’s) into the back of the car! :roflhard:

To be honest, I think that’s a little over protective. Technically you can impale yourself on anything, if given enough speed and force.
Yeah, there’s a possibilty of injury. But I agree with IrishBaby…if the accident is bad enough to be injured with knitting needles, you most likely have more to worry about.

I drive dh crazy if I’m not knitting… did you see that? watch out? don’t get so close… how fast are we going…or do a death grab on his leg as I suck all the air out of the car lol when we get ready to leave he says do you have your knitting ready? :lol: like others have said if it did then I’ll prolly have alot to worry about…

:rofling: The responses to this thread are a lot funnier than I’d imagined they’d be. :rofling:

I think DH loves that I knit in the car, because it means I’m not driving (he loves to drive our new car), and also not nagging about his driving.

I like the idea of circular needles in the car. Seems like a good compromise. And if I did die it would be a good way to go. At least I’d be happy knitting!

I’ll knit in the car, but my one compromise is my cable needle, which I usually hold in my mouth when I’m at home, but I don’t want to have that poke me to death in the back of my throat if we got in a car accident, so I just put it on my lap.

:rofling: :roflhard: :roflhard: :roflhard:

Oh my god, too funny Ingrid…

This thread reminds me of some “urban myths” I used to hear as a teenager - at least I hope they were myths, about people picking their noses at the time of impact and their fingers going further than they intended and even worse stories.

My car is a hazard anyway as between DH and my children we have all sorts of junk loose in the car incl. fire extinguisher, 1st aid kit, misc toys, umbrellas, rubbish, clothing etc, sometimes tools, shoes. I am sick of constantly nagging the family to remove their junk from the car, so if we do have an accident I will have alot more to worry about flying through the car than a knitting needle or two.

I totally agree. In order to be impaled with a knitting needle, you’d have to be holding it with a death grip as your body was thrown onto it. Even it it got wedged somewhere and it could impale you, the force would be tremendous.

Actually, the force of an airbag IS tremendous, and that’s what I was thinking about. My husband had to attend traffic school recently, and was told some real horror stories about accidents involving airbags and other items we don’t tend to think about in cars. I just don’t think it’s worth the risk. Why not READ a knitting book, or look over patterns, etc. while in the car? :wink:

I don’t know your dh, obviously, and don’t want to presume I do, but maybe when you knit, he’s bored because you’re not talking to him as much as you might otherwise. That’s the reason my dh doesn’t want me knitting in the car. I’m not saying he isn’t concerned for your safety, certainly, just that there may be something else going on, too.

OMG, this is me- DH hates it- I gasp at every breaklight :lol: He prefers it when I knit, but he does worry about an air bag sending that needle flying into my somewhere :rollseyes:

i don’t know, i just think there are more likely dangers in our worlds than this. Could it happen? sure i suppose it could…but if i considered everything that COULD happen, i would remove everything from my house and live nekky in a padded room! i just think we have become a society that is scared of everything (and yes i DO have someone to blame for that but that is for a different rant) which is starting to paralyze us. Heck our parents gave us pointy steel darts and sent us outside to play and we survived it! I think we need to get back to worrying about why are parents were trying to kill us with lawn darts and not fret about knitting in the car! :rofling:

I’ve wondered if a needle would deflate the airbag before it does its duty, so I always ask the DH to let me know if we’re about to crash so I can throw my knitting on the floor of the car!!! Of course I’d worry about the knitting getting dirty while we’re crashing… :roflhard: samm