Kinda of OT: how come I can't see any pictures?

All of the posts that have pictures are missing the pictures on my computer, is there a setting that I need to adjust? I did move so maybe that has something to do with it?

edited to add- How can I change the size of the font in my signature? I have looked everywhere and cannot figure it out.

Font size-replace the number below with whatever you want. The nine is the next size down from the normal size text.



I’m not sure about the pictures… :thinking: What browser are you using?

Mozilla but now I feel confused, when I first log on and for a while afterwords there are no pictures and then the little camera icon shows up and the pictures are there (of course right after I posted this question!)?

Thanks for the font info, changing the size right now…

Slow connection?


If they are showing up then I wouldn’t think it was anything to do with the browser, but who knows. I use Firefox and the only thing I could find is TOOLS/OPTIONS/CONTENT/LOAD IMAGES. :shrug: