Kinda boring -- first lace FO

I finally figured out lace. Kind of, I guess. Not too bad for a first try, and I’m maybe a little too proud of myself. :wink:

I did this on size 7 DPNs, with some Sugar ‘n’ Cream yarn. It was a quick knit, and took the better part of a morning.

Thanks for looking! :slight_smile:

Not boring at all!! Anything lace is a huge accomplishment! It looks wonderful!

Wow! Good job! I agree with sarah jayne, it is definitely not boring! :happydance:

Very cool! I"m a new knitter but ahve been crocheting for years. That is something I could crochet, but don’t have the slightest idea of how it could be knit. It’s lovely.

That came out pretty!

This is beautiful! The detailing is gorgeous!

Thanks so much, guys – I appreciate it! :muah:

That’s how I am too, roseybee! I’m a pretty confident crocheter, and think I could crochet just about anything I put my mind to. Knitting… not so much. Knitting’s still kind of scary! :teehee:

:muah: :cheering: :cheering: That’s so beautiful!!! Great job!!

do you have the pattern?
its pretty

Looks Great! I agree with everyone. It’s not boring at all.

Yup. Not boring–beautiful. And, of course, you should be very proud. With lace (as if not with everything!) you have to start somewhere!

Knit on!

yes and amen!

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Honey, posted projects are never boring to me! I love to see everything no matter how hard or easy it is, whether it is white or multiple colors. Keep posting your beautiful work!

I agree with everyone - it’s not boring at all. It’s beautiful!

I think it’s awesome!

Its so pretty!!

Thanks again for all the comments and encouragement! You’re all too sweet. :hug:

Beautiful :cheering: