Kind of a silly question

I know this may sound weird but can you knit in the round using 4 straight regular knitting needles or does it have to be done on DPNs?:shrug:

Thanks in advance.

I was actually thinking about this last night while I was holding two pairs of straight needles. The thing about knitting with DPNs (not that i have done it much), is that they’re held horizontally and you knit “in the round” so you need both ends to be pointy.

Think about how you would get the stitches over the knobs at the end of a regular straight needle…

When you knit with two straight needles you just go back and forth and the stitches don’t go to the other end. When you knit with DPNs the stitches slide to the other end as you go around so the knobs wouldn’t work. Even if you removed the knobs and sharpened the other end it would be terribly awkward because of the length. DPNs are usually about 5-7 inches long. :wink:

You can use double knitting to knit a tube on two flat needles though.