Kim Hargreaves Haze Tension

Has anyone made anything from Kim Hargreaves Haze book? I have a question regarding the tension. I knit tighter than suggested so need to use big needles but due to the design of the pattern this will make the holes, in the pattern, bigger. Just wondering if maybe knitting a bigger size would be better. Would be great to discuss this with anyone who’s had a similar problem. Thanks.

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It may depend partly on how the holes are made (yarn overs, double yarn overs?). Also how many needle sizes will you have to go up to get gauge. In a sense, because you are a tight knitter, the holes may be proportioned to the stitches however the holes are made.
I’m a loose knitter and need to drop down a needle size or two. I haven’t noticed that lace patterns have disproportionally small eyelets so you may similarly be fine with your larger needles. Have you tried knitting a good sized swatch to see what the pattern plus holes looks like?

The holes are made due to the needle size. Pattern states 8mm and 4mm alternately. To get the correct size I would need to increase to 10mm and 6mm. I have done several swatches, also 9mm and 5mm. Just trying to decide which way to go before I make a start. Thanks for your reply, what you say makes sense.

What is the name of your pattern?
I agree that that’s quite a change in needle size. Is one size used to make the holes? If so can you size down a bit on that needle alone?

The pattern is Blur, there are a few in the Haze book following a similar pattern. The wool is fine although doubled so makes different size holes between the 2 needle sizes used. Here’s a pic hopefully image

Lovely look to this sweater. The technique with two different needle sizes was popular quite a while ago. Certainly complicates the possibilities for your swatch. 10 and 8mm? 8 and 6mm?

Maybe, as you suggested, find a knit fabric swatch that you like and go to a larger size.

Thanks for your help.

I’m not good at working out changing sizes but just a thought…
If you like one of your swatches with the smaller needles count how many stitches per inch and multiply by how many inches you want the top to be and see if this comes close to the stitch count of the larger size.

I sort of did this for my current project which called for different size needles for different yarn types through the piece, I’m not changing yarn types though so kind of did maths and guessing and swatching.

Thanks for your reply. Yes, I agree this an option. Was just wondering if there is a best way. Up to me I guess.

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