Kids knitting needles


my 3 year old son has started to try and ‘help’ me knit. does anyone know where i can buy him some needles that are small enough to let him learn please?

also any patterns (i’m still learning myself so am not great at helping him out)

any ideas greatfully recieved


Lion brand makes some that the local craft stores in my area carry (Joanns and Michaels)…they have teddy bears on them and come in red or blue plastic. HTHs.

Yes, Cristy, those are the ones I bought my dd to teach her to knit with & they’re great. Her set was 1 red needle, 1 blue needle to make it easier to instruct–instead of saying left & right needle. They’re plastic & cheap.

As for patterns, how about something all garter stitch to make it easy? Dishcloth maybe?

come to think of it…you’re right…they are red and blue–one of each. A dishcloth is a good idea…so is a scarf or garter dog collar…something small…

my dd is 3 and she wants to do it but I don’t think she’s ready to learn yet…she doesn’t seem to grasp it yet.

At work we have two different kinds of kids needles. I can’t recall the company for one, but all the notions I’ve bought from them have been fab! The other kind is the RH ones… they’re only 6" long, and colour coded by size {a set has 3 pairs}. I’ve bought them to use as “leave it in the car/truck dishcloth” needles. I do like the idea of different colours so that they know which side to knit and purl though. Hmm. :thinking: Maybe a couple of those teeny tiny coloured rubber bands would work to remind you which side you’re on. I already have tons of them {I use them to pair up my needles when putting them away}, and sometimes I need a reminder as to what side I’m on!