Kids clogs Pair #2

Spiderman colors…I had really hoped to get some spiders on them but ran out of time…

This is using Cascade 220. I LOVE the way this felts. Very quick.

Those are so cute!! :thumbsup:

Those are sooo cute! What size are they? They look tiny!

They are the smallest size on the kids pattern. I think 6" I didn’t measure after they were felted. I wish I was at the party instead of at work…

Great job - I’m so proud of you for working so hard to get them done - even sacrificing sleep!

:smiley: I love Spidey…love, love the clogs :cheering: :cheering:

How old is the child these are knit for?How much yarn did you use? :smiley:

those are super cute :slight_smile:

They are so cute, I can’t wait to get the courage to felt. Not there yet. Love the transformation.

Those are sooooo cute! And so tiny! Well worth the lack of sleep, I’ll bet!

What pattern did you use? Those look great!

He is two, I used the smallest size (6") on the child pattern. I bout one blue and one red Cascade 220. I have about half of the blue left and about 3/4 of the red left…which is good because DS#2 wants some as well.

I like the way Cascade felts much more than WOTA, although I still LOVE the prices of WOTA :slight_smile:

Fiber Trends Kids Clogs

THANKS for posting the pattern link. I see Christmas gifts (and a pair for me!) in the near future! :smiley: