Kidlet Tank FO

Here’s the Kidlet Tank! …a bit big :lol: , but she is a growing girl. Details are on my blog. BTW, I liked TLC Cotton Plus so much that I might make Calla with it after seeing Nanonette’s beautiful FO.

Thanks to Angelia for the pattern link! :thumbsup:

Wow! :heart: beeyootiful!! Cute kid too :cheering:

they are both so cute!

Utterly adorable! Both the kidlet and the tank!

:smiley: Love your kidlet…and the tank :wink: LOL, I just now finished the kidlet tank for my gd, using the same type of yarn :wink: I added a checkerboard band on mine…I’ll take some photos tomorrow :wink:

Beautiful job!

That came out great! Cute little girl, too!

Cute and CUTE! My granddaughter needs one of those …


Oh, and the tank is nice too! :wink:

That looks awesome! :cheering:

Beautiful!! And I love the color!!

Very cute! :thumbsup:

Cutie Pie!!!

Adorable!! :heart: I love this yarn, too, for kids’ tops.

That’s beautiful and so is the model wearing it. I’ve got to make that for my granddaughter. :inlove: :inlove:


Oh that looks great Jackie! And your model, she is too precious.