Kid Skull Sweater Pattern?

Hi! I’m new here! :XX:

My 4 year old REALLY wants me to knit him a sweater with a skull on it…Does anyone have a pattern? Thanks!

You might be able to add one of these to a sweater pattern.

Hello Yarn has lots of patterns with skulls on them and they would be easily adaptable it looks like.

I also saw a cute zip up hoodie for a little punky guy in one of the Rowan books- it’s a grey hoodie with a star on it. Happy knitting :slight_smile:

The book “Little Badger Knits” by Ros Badger has one. :slight_smile:

Vogue Knitting’s Knit.1 magazine had one on a hooded sweater. I think it was in the last issue or the one before. I may have an extra copy at home if you would like it.

Thanks to everyone for the quick response!

I may have to knit that skull tote for myself! I will definately check out that book, too…

I am nervous about adding the skull to another sweater pattern just because I have never done it and don’t really know how to go about it.

I am hopeing that Lisa 1216 has the easy answer for me. :blush: