KH-specific KAL?

wouldn’t it be fun if we could organize a KAL (or two, or three)?

specifically, using patterns created BY members, for other members to enjoy. there’s been so much interest lately in KALs on the forums, and it seems like it would be a great way to keep us connected, while drumming up support for our fellow KH members’ designs.

i’ll post this on ravelry,, KH-facebook and KH-twitter. if anyone knows of other KH social media sites, feel free to copy/paste to let others know. i’m XtopherCB on ravelry and KH if anybody needs to contact me.

cheers, 'topher :wink:

You’re organizing a KAL? Cool! I could actually make an attempt to participate, I’m not much of a joiner. It does sound like fun.

i will absolutely organize one or two or however many. but i’d really love to focus on KH member designs. i know we’ve got some great designers among us.

(ETA - i will also wholeheartedly accept any help that’s offered!) :wink:

It’s a good idea.

I actually followed and stuck with a pattern recently. It didn’t do me in. I might manage to do another.


I’m almost done with my scarf (chevron sands) and I want too finish a sweater I started a few years ago. :doh: I might be able to fit something in though if it’s not too much.

Oh, goody, I want to see Chevron Sands when you’re done!
My attention span would probably hold out for a dishrag er spa cloth that could be used as a block in something else. lol I want to try some mosaic patterns and they’re good as front panels on bags.