KH Monthly Challenge--September

thanks Becka! I love your pup pup in the corsett - how stinkin’ adorable is she??!! :inlove:

Thanks, what can I say?! She’s a hottie :roflhard: :rofl: :roflhard:

you could modify this… :roflhard:

Oooh, I think I may have to join this KAL… I’ve been looking for an excuse to make these for just about ever…although the devil hat would be entirely fitting for both of my children… :roflhard:

ooooo i likey

Here is my FO. I made Felix a Halloween costume. It totally suits his personality!!! My son helped me design it and my hubby (the hairy leg) helped hold Mr. Felix down for his pictures :eyebrow: .

Ok… thats damn funny! Very Cute!!

OMG! :inlove: SO cute!!! :yay:

OK, now how in the WORLD did you get that tail cover on? It just makes me laugh imagining such a thing! :rofl:

I can’t find anything :pout: But I did find a cute avatar! Does that count?

What about making this?

There’s a little devil pattern to it that I think would be cute on a pair of watching wristwarmers.

If I wanted to, I would try to make these devil wings. But I don’t want to. :teehee:

Hello Hello Well I am new to knitting 4 or 5 months old. But I am in love I have always wanted to do it and now that I have I am addicted. I have no idea what to make but I love this idea. I will probably end up making that cute little skull bag. I hope it turnes out and I cant wait to see what others make.

And remember your knitting is only as good as the attitude you have while doing it.

Kisses :flirt:

Hello YouCantBuy… :waving:

Welcome to the forum!

That wasn’t easy!!! You totally have to have 2 people to get a cozy on a cat’s tail !! What happened was… my husband held Mr. Felix down while I slipped the devil tail onto him. I left the co and bo tail attatched to the devil tail and then wrapped the bo and co tail a couple times around the end of Mr. Felix’s cat tail and tied it in a bow. Then my husband let go of him long enough for me to take a couple pictures. After about 3 minutes the devil tail was off of Felix… well kinda chewed off lol. I tried to do it while Felix was sleeping, but that didn’t work. I’m sure an older cat would be better to work with lol… a one year old thinks it is a game :roflhard: !

I’m making the devil hat for this KAL…

So far I’ve done the hat and one ear flap. I’m knitting it with Lamb’s Pride in Blue Blood Red, a fitting color I thought.

I will be making several of these… I’m sure my daughters friends will want one after she wears this to school on Monday.

Please excuse the model… I look like well… Hell… LOL

All finished and on a much cuter model. LOL

I love that!!! I think my kids each need one…

Hey!!! that hat is great!!!

This is what I completed so far:

Fair Isle wristband made with Carons simply soft in White and Autumn Red.