KH Monthly Challenge--September

September, already!!! (I’m actually writing this in July, and saving as a draft, so i don’t forget my idea!)

September 24th marks the 100 year anniversary of the declaration of the USA’s first national monument–Devil’s Tower, in Crook County, Wyoming. I think it was featured in the movie Close Encounters of the Third Kind. Anywho, in honor of this event, your challenge for September is:

[size=6]Knit something [color=red]Devilish [/color][/size]

Teddy Roosevelt, who declared Devil’s Tower the first national monumnet after the Antiquities Act was passed, was an avid conservationalist… so let’s conserve our $$ by[color=red] making the KAL a Stash Buster [/color]as well.

Since it will be getting chilly soon, I will be knitting the “Little Devil” hat from S&B. If you don’t have the book this pattern from knitting pattern central looks very similar.

This KAL is going to be open to everyone’s interpretation, so GET CREATIVE. Since we’re stash busting, I’m looking forward to seeing lots of small things… socks, wrist warmerws, hats, hand warmers, etc. Unless you have a gigantic stash, then, go ahead, make a big ole sweater :smiley:

Don’t get caught up in the “Devil” motif either, or limit yourself to pitchforks and horns… go for flames, fire, red/orange/yellow… maybe something “devilishly naughty” is in order :eyebrow:

Happy Knitting!!!

And I’ll bet you all thought I forgot, too!!! :fingerwag:

Have you ever noticed that CONSERVATIONALIST and CONVERSATIONALIST look a LOT alike? :thinking:

Gosh, I hope I can actually MAKE the thing this time!

I’m gonna try this one:

oooooo i likey!!! :yay:

:heart: Hildie :heart:

It IS cute, isn’t it? I bet if I make it, and carry it around…somebody is gonna ask me to make one for them. Whadya think?

Hilde!!! :hug: :muah:

Anyway I have a design for wrist warmers bouncing around in my head that would be perfect for this, unfortunatly they would not be stash busters. SO I may try something small but no guarentee. Why is it that the closer to graduation that you get the more work they give you? :??

I will be interested in seeing what everyone comes up with though!

since the aug kal was bit bust for me (I tried combination knitting, frogged what I knit, am currently reknitting it with conti knitting) AND I just spent a few hours organizing the stash…LOL, I can definitely do some busting :oops: I found yarn I didn’t even know I had.
I’m thinking devilishy naughty :eyebrow:

Woah!!! This KAL ROCKS!!! I am so joining this one!!! I love evil, spooky, creepy, muhahahaha things !!! And muhahahaha!!! I think I know what I am going to try to make!!! MUHAHAHAHA… But we’ll have to wait and see if I can do it before I blurt it out lol. Don’t wanna bite off more than I can chew!!

WHERE’S MY RED YARN !!! :twisted:

Here’s my inspiration lol

Great! I’m so glad everyone is so into this KAL!!! :yay:

Mint, it doesn’t HAVE to be a stash buster!!! The devilish part is what’s important!

Knit something devilish… :thinking:

I’ve always wanted to make this… and now is the perfect chance! :cheering:

I think we are going to see several hats, I love that hat :cheering: :cheering:
:thinking: :?? :thinking: What am I gonna make, I want to be naughty, and maybe I want to be naughty and involve Lonnie… :thinking: I might just have to knit a warmer :eyebrow: Cold weather is right around the corner and it’s important that our loved ones remain warm…all over :eyebrow: :roflhard: :rofl: :roflhard:

[color=red][/color]LOL !!! I think I might have a pattern for that !! :rofl:

A horned willie warmer would be perfect, Becka! :rofl: :rofl:

OMGoodness, wouldn’t that be perfect?! Is there a ‘horned’ pattern or am I gonna have to wing it?!

[color=red][/color]LOL !!! I think I might have a pattern for that !! :rofl:[/quote]

Just modify this… willy warmer

SnB Nation has a cute devil pants pattern for kids!

Okay, this is a stash buster, except for the yarn I had to pick up for the edging and, Sally was certainly acting naughty when I put it on her and she was running around the house trying to get it off!
Annie Modesitt’s combo corset t as seen on knitty gritty, modified to fit Sally using KP’s Swish yarn.

I’m going to try to get these done this month: Pirate Mittens. Not exactly devilish, but they will be red and bada$$.

I’m about 1/3 of the way done with the first one, and I just started them yesterday.

:cheering: I love them :cheering: They look great, love the red :cheering: