KH Dictionary, Abbreviations, Etc

Ok everyone, when I started creating a “dictionary” in my signature, I didnt think it was going to grow that fast. I figured I’d add a couple of words that lots of people thought were funny or clever. Well… everyone is coming up with words so quickly that:

a) I cant fit them all in my signature.
b) I really have no time or desire to be the dictionary administrator.
c) I’m sure I haven’t seen all of the new words created on this site.
d) It frees up my signature to be my signature again.

I’m moving this out to a thread and you all can add words as you think of them (or find them). If you know who created the word… give em’ the credit they deserve.

To get this started…

Some words/phrases seen on

Word/Phrase - - - Creator…Definition
~ Purlnography - - -
~ Infi-knitty - - - Ennormir… Replace word “Infinity” in Joel’s Blog Title.
~ sexatary - - - Aby
~ hand-knit design feature - - - KellyK… Replace the word “imperfections” in any project.
~ fiberbrate/knitterbate - - -
~ yarngasm - - -
~ fiberotica - - -
~ frogging - - -
~ thread-napping(ed) - - - Joel…Process of taking over a KH thread (happens often).
~ Yarnaholic - - - Knitcrazy ??

Kewl -I did that too! Great minds think alike :happydance:

Great idea, Joel!

Except, maybe instead of the creators, you could list the definitions! :wink:

For instance, what’s the marshmallow thing about?

For KHtionary, should we keep it knitting-related?

Why not list both?
~Give the person who comes up with the credit they deserve,
~List what the heck it is…

I haven’t got a clue… :roflhard: Don’t even remember who suggested I needed to add it but I did. I wasn’t really thinking the whole thing out…

My own personal opinion is…
Yes, make it knitting related. That reason combined with the semi-X-rating is why I didnt add “boobles” and some of the other words that are on here… the related to knitting reason was why I added Purlnography is Purl… or Yarngasm (and others) otherwise I wouldnt have added those either.


You add it… it’s in a thread now… and you’re a mod to boot. :slight_smile:

Actually, I think we already DID. :stuck_out_tongue:

The marshmallow thing had to do with that bumpy white shrug. I seem to remember it being in your blog, Kelly, but I can’t be positive. I think it came up the same night and boobles! :rofling:

I take that back. It was in your "I hate this website thread–…35346

here’s one Yarnsulation - when you have so much yarn stacked up against your walls it actually keeps the cold out.

sknit = sneak knitting, or stealth knitting

[size=6] RAWK ON BABAY!!![/size]

Another that’s been around a while is SABLE–stash accumulated beyond life expectancy

One that showed up in KK’s blog (I think)

[size=6]wrapalicious… [/size]

:cheering: YaY!! I came up with a word for the KH dictionary!!! :cheering:

I would like to thank my mom, the linguistics major, for teaching me all SORTS of good words (and bad ones :shifty: )…my dog Katie NoNo Bear for inspiring me to come up with new words (generally more bad ones)…and of course, who could forget KK who created the lovely wrap that inspired this particular addition…