KH.COM Felted Hat Pattern

I am going to do this pattern but I needed some help.

Felted hat:

  1. I’ve never worked with double DPN and I’m a novice at knitting. I was wondering what “join the knitting” means in these directions of the pattern?
    “With dpn’s and TWO strands of wool, cast on 6 sts. Being careful not to twist stitches, join the knitting.”

  2. When it says “Inc in each stitch around”, what type of increase am I supposed to use for a hat? (I knit continental, not english if that makes a difference)

  3. And if this increase is being done on DPN, how do you do that?

  4. And when I change to circular needles an I starting to knit in the round?

Thanks in advance or the help. I rally have no idea what I’m trying to do here but I’m at least trying. :slight_smile:


Before you attempt the hat with double yarn, I’d suggest you practice with the double pointed needles, making increases and such. It’s not super difficult, but you’ll be happier with your hat if you have the techniques down first. There is video here on knitting in the round using dpns.

You switch to circs when there are too many stitches for the double pointed needles. There is also video on the site for circs.