KH blog ring

I signed up for the KH blogring, cause I like to read everyones blogs and see their pictures.

I have the link on my blog…however, I’m a little distrubed, because a couple of times when I have clicked on the “next” link or the “random” link, it has taken me to a porn site. I’m just wondering who checks the sites that apply.

It’s kind of shocking.

I’m the ring owner, so I’ll take a look into that and clean it up. Thanks for letting me know!

You’d be amazed at how much spam I get in this ring!

ohhh, thanks! Dang that was a quick response!!!

I love KH, not only is their quick help, but sometimes the responses are there almost before you post the question. :teehee:

:hug: :hug: :hug: :hug: