KH a "waste of time"

So I’m in Florida with my mum and my son. I’m on the laptop and you know the first place I went was KH. We’re in the hotel having breakfast and my mother leans over to see what I’m doing. I tell her about KH and she says “Looks like a waste of time”

:pout: I am so hurt by that. If she doesn’t like knitting or having friends or whatever her deal is then that’s fine. But to say what I’m doing is a waste of time felt really hurtful. Am I wrong to feel this way?

If I see someone watch NASCAR, I feel it’s a waste of time. That doesn’t mean they think it’s a waste of time or that I’m right. It’s just a waste of time for me.

So, for her, knitting and KH are a waste of time. For you, not. WE all know you’re right!!

To quote a song “you’re myyyyhaiiiaiiiiaiiiii, you’re my favourite waste of time”

We all “waste time” in whatever hobby or action we do - does she watch TV? Next time you catch her at that just say “that looks like a waste of time” or whatever it is she does. Every one of us “wastes time” with something. Some things are more of a waste of time than others - for instance for me, having to stop knitting to eat is a stupid waste of time (apart from my growling belly) since I want to be wasting that time knitting :wink:

KH is the BEST waste of time =D I love it here, and I miss it horribly when I can’t be here =D

Ingrid, wasn’t there anything else you could have used as an example? :pout:

I agree though, people who don’t knit just don’t get it. And I feel sorry for them!! :wink:

I think it would have been the complete dismissal of something that I enjoy and that isn’t causing ANYBODY any harm that would have gotten me. BUT of course she’s Mom. My mother said to me the other day “I know I make you mad sometimes…” I just laughed at her and told her that of course she does. She’s my mother and now that she got me through childhood alive that is her job! :wink: As I heard a comedian say one time “The reason our parents are so good at pushing our buttons is because they installed them!” I am sure she wasn’t trying to be hurtful but yeah… I would have been hurt too.

(and flabbergasted since my mother works very hard at enabling me!)

I agree with Ingrid. Just because she doesn’t care to knit doesn’t mean she has the right to complain that you do.

And to waste is to use carelessly or needlessly. Knitting time can not be considered “a waste of time” as during that time, you are actually PRODUCING something. As far as KH being a waste of time, that is incorrect also as this forum is educational. I am sure we have all learned a lot from being here and feel comfortable asking questions. In fact I bet MANY of us here post a question before bothering to look it up in a book, or ask because the book instructions just don’t help enough.

So… yeah KH is just as much a waste of time as say… College.

Hey Femimama, I’m so where you’re at. The problem is they DON’T THINK before they speak. It’s taken me days to recover from my dad leaving, I actually started a short story called My Dad’s Visit. It’s so easy to say, turn it into a joke when your mom says something like because it just hurts immediately, that they don’t care enough to ask about it , respect it, whatever. Well, maybe she’ll feel bad about saying it later… ya never know.
Good luck anyhoo.

I’ve learned about stuff that has nothing to do knitting, as well as the knitting education I’m receiving. And I may have done a little educating, too, and possibly on multiple topics.

We also help each other find the best quality knitting tools, yarn and equipment, and that service is invaluable.

This is a supportive community, which is nearly impossible to find in this format. Because of things I’ve read here, I went to see the chiropractor yesterday for the first time to get relief from my back pain. Doesn’t sound like a waste of time to me.

I can certainly understand why you’d be hurt. I would be, too.

ditto with Ingrid. You are right and your mom was also right. It’s to one’s perspective. Don’t feel hurt. Everybody is entitled to his or her opinions.

Hey FM, I understand why you would be hurt. Ive often felt comments like that come out of ignorance. And sometimes come out of narcissism. What Im trying to say is, Ive never heard you talk about your mum, but it sounds like this is really about something deeper. :frowning: BTDT, makes me sad.

No, actually Andrea, I couldn’t think of a bigger waste of time. :rofl: :rofl: Maybe Startrek. You know I love you!

Yep, its all relative. What’s a waste of time to one is not to another. Still, it doesn’t make it hurt any less when someone says something rude. I used to scrapbook alot and happened to mention at meeting that I scrapbook. One lady said “Well, my time is too valuable to glue pieces of paper to other pieces of paper.” And everyone there agreed! :verysad:

I think some people assume that anything involving the internet is a waste of time. I don’t know your Mom, but it sounds like it was probably just a thoughtless comment. If she knew it would hurt your feelings, she probably wouldn’t have said it.

It could be an age thing, too. I know that my dad frequently lectures me (I may be in my 30’s, but I’m still his “baby”) about the dangers of message boards. I mention posting something on here and then get “the talk.” When I discussed it with my mum and told her how much it bothered me, she told me “Honey, he’s just old.” :roflhard: :roflhard: Basically she said it’s because it’s something new and therefore uncomfortable to him so it’s bad.

Does that make sense? I know it’s helped me deal with the talk a lot better. :slight_smile:

Hell no :grrr: Mothers can be so cruel sometimes. Just ignore her and enjoy what makes YOU happy.Heres a hug from us :grphug:

My mom will say stuff like that to get a reaction out of me, its like a game or something “see if you can hurt Lori”. I ignore it or call her on it and it usually dies down but she’ll soon find something else in my life to pick apart. I think somehow it makes her feel better to put me or my hobbies, etc. down.

Here, have another hug!


I’ll chime in with many other folks here: what’s a “waste of time” to some people is an afternoon well spent to many others (no matter what Ingrid thinks about NASCAR). I know why I come here several times a day when I get the chance, but when I try to explain it to other people in my life, their eyes glaze over and I can almost hear the :whoosh: noise…

I’m sorry your mom hurt your feelings, it sounds to me as though she set out to do it. You come waste your time with us any time!

More hugs!

Welcome back Femmy. Missed you. Is that vacation history now? Don’t pay any attention to hurfull things people say to you, some people just gotta tear down.

Let’s just see what a “waste of time” she thinks it is when everyone BUT her gets a knitted gift for Christmas! Give HER a piece of COAL! :tap: Its too bad she cant be glad that you found something that is fulfilling for YOU. Obviously, nothing makes HER that happy. :!!!:

Or you could KNIT her a piece of COAL! :mrgreen: