So I’ve googled for patterns for knitted keychains and found nothing. Does anyone have any ideas to kick-start my creativity for knitting keychains? Or maybe … has anyone come across any patterns for such a thing? :thinking:

Since nobody has responded, I’ll send you a not too helpful response! I know I’ve seen them on the internet. The one I recall was a shamrock, but didn’t bookmark it. There was also a i-cord (I think) person in a magazine that I was thinking of making into a keychain. I’ll go through my mags this evening and let you know which mag.


I made a baby bootie keychain… I just knitted it from a regular bootie pattern, but used a DK weight yarn on size 1 needles. Then I crocheted a tiny chain for the loop and stuck it on my keyring.

I think you could do this with any miniature knit pattern. :slight_smile: Here’s some mini’s…

Hair net (?), Skirt, baby bonnet

OMG - thank you both! :happydance:

mock sarcasm
Size 1 needle? Great Silver … :doh: Thanks a lot for giving me more reason to go knit’shopping!! :waving: :wink:

If I were to knit a keychain, I think I’d do one of those bitty sweaters from Weekend Knitting. Except a little bittier. :wink:

My pleasure! :mrgreen:

You’ve got some ideas now!

The pattern I saw in the magazine is for a key chain. It’s in Knit.1 (Spring/Summer 2005). The keychain is a robot (not a person!).


I was trying to find that site with the shamrock, but found this - you may not have to go to a size 1 needle:

(I have to ask DS again to show me how to do URLs )