Kemp's Podcast on iTunes!

Thank you, Kemp!

I subscribed to Kemp’s podcast, “Diva Knitting Podcast” on iTunes.
Anyone else who has an iPod should check it out!

Thanks again! :thumbsup:

You’re welcome, knittinggymnast! It is super fun to make. Hope you like it.

I will have to add that. My brother just gave me an 80gb IPod a couple weeks ago.

hopefully the podcast will keep going.

i just downloaded it right now and am listening!!! yeah!!! i love new podcasts!

There are several new podcast starting this year and I was surprised to see one from our very own Kemp–Diva Knitting.

KUDOS on your new hobby, Cheryl. :woot:

Thanks 1to1!

Kemp, dont sell your mic and quit the whole thing! your doing a good job! keep up the good work!

lol…I’m having fun and getting some good feedback so I’ll be doing it for a while :wink:

good! :woot: its AWESOME!