Kelmscott KAL Anyone?

I would love some company. [B]Anyone interested in a KAL?[/B]

[B]Kelmscott[/B] by Carol Sunday

For Christmas I received this beautiful pattern and yarn to knit it. I hope to start knitting in Feb/March. Please join me.
Here is the ravelry link to Kelmscott.

:FAINT: OMG that is GORGEOUS! I haven’t been this excited about a project in a long, long time!

BUT! Unfortunately, I have a very long project queue at the moment and won’t be able to start it when everyone else does. I still want “in”, but will have to start it later, after I catch up a few things.

I am so grateful to you for finding this!

I don’t think I’m ready to do this yet, but it’s gorgeous! :inlove:

That’s beautiful!..but way out of my league.

can’t stop thinking about this sweater! and wondered how far along you’ve gotten on it! can you give me an update? Thank you!

[B]I haven’t started yet.[/B]
I am going to start kelmscott when I have finish my Ocean Cables Cardigan.
Monidew, do your recognize the yarn???:muah:
I have been distracted with baby shower gifts. :knitting:
I have been knitting these owl sacks and gifting them before I could even take pictures.
I hope to get started on Kelmscott soon.

The yarn, I admit, I don’t recognise yarns on sight alone. however, your rav page says Valley Yarns Northampton - one of my favorites! It’s working up beautifully - by your progress pictures! I can’t wait to see this as a FO. :inlove:

Not me, thank you. I just had a horrible experience with this very pattern. FYI, Twist Collective offers NO service to re download this pattern if lost and they have you agree to TOS NOT to make any copies for your own use too. I had it up on my server in a spot that unbeknownst to me was viewable by the public. I had no idea that ibay was public, and I just stored it there because TC made it clear they had no intention of helping if the file was lost.

I only got it for the collar, which I thought I might use on something else.