KellyK's made 2000 posts! ...& HILDIE's made 1000!

:balloons: Congrats to KellyK, our KH posting Super-Star! :balloons:

I just want to say THANK YOU KELLY!!! You’ve done so much for our community here. Your sense of humor and enthusiasm and wonderful personallity add SO MUCH to this community. You’re awesome!

:heart: Thanks KellyK, we love you!! :heart:

and she just won’t stop talkin’! :roflhard:

Congratulations Kelly! I wanna be like you when i grow up…how many more posts do i hafta do?

I agree with Amy. Kelly, you are one of the reasons I so enjoy this board. You have a terrific sense of humor. You also give very good answers to the many questions posted here. Amy should put you on the payroll!

[color=orange][size=7] :roflhard: and she still won’t stop talking :rofling: [/size][/color]
[color=yellow][size=6]BUT… Is this not the reason we :heart: her so?![/size][/color]
[color=indigo]KellyK puts the :sunny: in my day![/color]
[color=green][size=7]AND you have a huge :heart: [/size][/color][color=violet][size=2]bet you thought I was gonna say mouth… :lol: [/size][/color]

OMGGG!!! :crying:

:heart: You guys are WONDERFUL!!! :heart: I feel WUVVED! :heart:

I didnt even SEE that…

Tanks, yous guys!! (Said with a south side Chicago accent) :notworthy:

YAY KK!!! :happydance: :cheering: :happydance: :cheering: :happydance:

what i was going to say was “yeah yeah blah blah” but I changed my mind…[/size]

[color=green][size=6]KK…You feel :heart: :heart: :rollseyes: :heart: :rollseyes: :heart: :heart: wuvved because you are :heart: :heart: :heart: wuvved…by us all… :wink: [/size][/color]

:cheering: Go Kelly! Love the new avatar, BTW. :smiley:

Another one of Hildie’s “works”!

And, SPEAKING of Hildie…

[size=7][color=indigo]HILDIE [/color][color=blue]JUST [/color][color=green]MADE [/color][color=orange]1,000[/color] [color=red]POSTS!!![/color] [/size]
:balloons: :balloons: :balloons: :balloons: :balloons: :balloons: :balloons: :balloons: :balloons: :balloons:

Well that deserves a shot!

And some mighty entertaining posts they’ve been, too. :roflhard:

Congratulations Kelly…you really are [color=red]wuved[/color]…btw, she probably has quite a few more than 2,000 posts…through PM’s

We thank you and honor you KK :notworthy:


Way to go Kelly! If I remember right, you joined the list about the same time I did. There is no way I could ever catch up to your 2000 posts!!! :lol: Okay, I could if I did not have to answer to two littles ones yelling mommy every time I log on to the computer, did not have a husband who works in the computer field who hogs the computers when he gets home from work to do more work and did not actually have to type anything for the lawyers I work for at night. :roflhard: Just teasing you. I think it is great you are so active here. You really bring us all together in many ways.

To put it in perspective, KellyK’s made more posts than anyone, including me. I’m 2nd at 1,400 posts, and Hildie’s 3rd, at…

:balloons: [size=6][color=red] Congrats Hildie!! [/color][/size]:balloons:

Just over 1,000 posts!!! :happydance: Wow!

Hildie, you’re awesome! You make me laugh just as much as Kelly does. Or is it the two of you together? In any case, THANK you Hildie, for really helping to make this place such a fun place to be! muah We love you Hildie!!! :heart:

yay me!!! thanks guys! I didn’t even notice :slight_smile: I guess this means that I get twice as much knitting done as KK, since I have half as many posts. :roflhard: (yeah, have you seen a list of FOs from me??) Anyway, thanks! I’m glad I can contribute to the site so much.

[color=darkred][size=6]Didn’t mean to leave your congrats out Hilde…you’ve been a great help too![/size][/color] :thumbsup:

Wow. when do you find the time??? :?? Well, gotta keep postin so I can catch up. congrats :thumbsup:

[size=6]Congrats KK and Hilde!!![/size] Both of you bring a lot to this forum, and we newbie knitters appreciate it almost as much as Amy’s videos.


I think the part that amazes me even more about this… I went to the member list and looked at the average daily posts.

KK - 16.67 posts per day…
HVK - 5.91 posts per day…

And for comparison. I’m suspect (based on what i was seeing for several active posters) im somewhere near the average… at a “whopping” 2.43 LOL :rollseyes:

Where in the heck do you find time to knit all those cool FOs and still kick out that many posts in one day?

There is no way in hell I’m going to try and catch those two.

Im a KH addict. :verysad: And, YOU ALL are my enablers!! :fingerwag: And, I LOVE YA for it! :heart: :heart: :heart:

Congrats to you both!!!

Now slow down and wait for me!! :smiley: