KellyK: ? on Flip Top Mittens using "Chunky" Misti

I knitting the Plaid Flip Top Mittens in the same yarn KellyK used. The patterns’ gauge is: 3 st./in.
The class instructor (my first mitten w/a thumb) had me swatch to ck my gauge, and I’m on a size 13 dpns.

Love the yarn, but I can’t believe how loose fitting the mittens are. My hands aren’t small, but these aren’t going to keep my hands warm. The yarn is considered chunky and it’s soo soft.

KellyK: What size needle did you use for your Misti Alpaca yarn? I’m an english knitter that knits a little snug.

Thanks for reading,

I did have to go down several needle sizes…to an 8 or 7…because the pattern will make men’s size mittens. On the 8, the fabric was still a bit loose and “floppy”. I gave those to my larger-handed SIL. Im going to try one more time for me on 7’s.

My son wants a pair of those. As long I’m getting 3 st per inch I can use anything I figure. Yes that’s why my name is femmy, forver the revolutionary :rollseyes: