Kelly just went over 4000 posts!

Congrats to KK…over 4000 posts!!! That is a LOT of typing :slight_smile:

Yep - I noticed that today too! I’m :mrgreen: w/ envy. Sheesh - how do you find the time to knit and work and live and breath and stuff? :shock: :lol:

Way to Go KK!!! :happydance:

:balloons: :balloons:

:cheering: for KK!!!

:shock: I think the trick is that Kelly is kind enough to take the time to respond to just about everyone. She’s our social butterfly! :happydance:

KK IS CLONED!!! There is NO way that she can do all of this typing AND knit as fast as she does and lead a life…yep…there are many KKs :roflhard: :roflhard: :roflhard: OMGoodness, KK, how many of you are there, really…tell us, your dear friends the truth :wink:
LUV YA, KK ‘muah’…the real one; not so much the clones :wink:

OMG I hadnt even been paying attention! :shock:

What is WRONG with me???

Thanks, guys…WUV ya all!!! :heart:

so she’s like Ping? does she say “morning sleeepy dooooo” too?

Who’s Ping?? :??

KK, do you teach time management too?
Do you knit on the loo?

Do you knit on the train?
Do you knit in the rain?

Seriously, Kelly, I am amazed by you!!! You are my hero!!

Do you knit while reading Dr. Seuss?

what about knitting while reading Shel Silverstein?

ooooooooooh is Ping a local commercial? It is the Asian guy who doesn’t have enough time for all his work and volunteer work so he has himself cloned several times so he can do it all. I have no idea what the commercial is for i just know that Ping comes in to wake his wife in the morning by saying “Morning sleeeepy doooo” and she realizes she is sleeping with one Ping and being awaken by another Ping…

yeah the best part of the commercial is “Morning Sleeepy doooo!”

yay! muah! :heart:

OH! I remember Ping now!!! :roflhard:

Lisa…I feel as though a poem has been written in my honor! :notworthy:

[size=2](Sometimes I DO knit in the loo, though :oops: )[/size]

Now, y’all…STOP it. Yer gonna give me a big head! :rofling:

Ping is too funny…
KK, do you knit one fish, two fish, red fish, blue fish?

yellow fish, gold fish???

congrats Kelly!!! :happydance:

Love the ping commercial too

You calling her flighty??? :roflhard:

Ingrid… the other thing that cracks me up about you posting this, is that you have the 2nd highest number of posts of anyone on the forum.

[size=6]CONGRATS KK! [/size]

And thanks to all of you who make visiting this forum so much fun!


:heart: MUAH :heart: MUAH :heart: MUAH :heart:
to ALL of you!!

OMG I LOVE THAT COMMERCIAL!!! :inlove: :lol: :inlove:
I’m now call my DH Sleepy dooo - he thinks I’m nuts!

oh, and congrats Kelly on all the posts! (oops almost forgot to say that!)