Keeping track of place in a chart

I’m sorry if this has already been asked, but I’m wondering what others use to keep track of their place in a chart.

I have a magnetic board that I got from KnitPicks, but I still have trouble (not all the time). Right now I’m working a color chart (fair isle).


I have been hinting at a magnetic board as a gift for 2 years now and just finally got one over the weekend.
Before that I just used post it notes to keep track of my chart.

Have you used your magnetic board yet? I find the idea to be good, but the actual product to be cumbersome. It’s heavy, and the sliding magnets don’t seem to hold that well (it probably doesn’t help that my puppy ate one of the short strips). If you find a good way to get the thing to stand up on it’s own, while still being able to read your chart, let me know.

Masking tape.

I make a copy of the chart and color code it with highlighters and then I mark off sections with a pen as I knit them.

I have a magnet board but to tell you the truth seldom use it. I find sticky notes work great or I have two magnet thingy I bought on etsy. Two magnetic strips have a ribbon glued on one side, you put one magnet on the front of the pattern and the other on the back to hold it in place, it lines up with the row you are on and doesn’t move if you drop the pattern.

post it notes. Even if I use a magnetic board to hold my pattern, I’m more likely to use a post it note then a line magnifier to mark my row.

I also have this to hold a magnetic board:

If you’re using a magnetic board, just use a 3-4" magnet strip to mark the row you’re on, rather then a line magnifier. it’ll hold it’s place better.

I usually make a copy of the pattern I’m working on so I can write all over it. I use the KP’s magnetic board and use it long way and flat. I find that it’s easier that way and then prop it up on my lap with a pillow or beside me on a pillow.
I usually place the longest magnet across the row but use the other 2 magnet on the top and bottom of the paper to help hold it. You can also buy a roll of magnetic strip in the craft section and I have used that before on it too (when I misplaced my other magnets that KP sent). After I complete a row, I still mark it on the chart by a dot…this way if one of the kids come by and pick it up, I still know where it is…

I use my KP board for everything :thumbsup:

I actually have made one of these myself using magnetic stripping and some metal strip that my husband had. I covered the metal with some cotton cloth and one side of the mannetic stripping and tada…

Haven’t had the chance yet but I will let you know how it works out for me. I may have hinted for 2 years for nothing and go back to my post it notes

I usually copy it and just use hi-lighters or a pencil to mark of rows as I go…

I use post it/sticky notes. I have a pad of longer ones so that they cover the entire row. I always move the sticky at the same time I am changing needle hands - just to create consistency and avoid my getting messed up.

Then when I set my work down, I always leave the sticky on the row I need to start with when I pick them up, again just for consistency so that I avoid confusing myself!:chair:

I usually use Post It notes too–I put my chart on a clip-board which I prop up and then put the Post-Its on the lines above and below in my chart. I use the longer Post-It notes (about 3" x 5"). I had a magnetic board that I bought at Michaels, but I lost all the magnetic strips. :frowning:

I print out the chart or charts and I use highlighters to mark off what part I have finished. If it is a multi cabled pattern with different cables combining to form a pattern. I use different colored highlighters to tell the different cables crosses apart.

I put a copy of the chart into a plastic page protector and then use a dry erase marker to mark off each row as I knit. The dry erase marker is easy to wipe off if I make a mistake and have to re-knit a row. The only down side to this is that the marker can stain the page protector and leaves colored dust when it gets wiped off, but the page protectors are cheap so this doesn’t bother me too much. Hope this helps!
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I have the Knit Picks magnetic board and like it. To get it to stand up on it’s own, open it, fold it backwards (with your pattern facing you) and snap it open. It will then stand up.

Invest in the Super Sticky Post-it notes. They work a lot better, especially if you are taking your pattern in and out of your knitting bag. The other advantage that I see is that you can keep notes right on the post-its.

I don’t use any method for marking the chart. I find marking distracting. I tend to forget doing it at the end of the row and then it gets really confusing.

I just look at the project as a whole and then the last knitted row and figure what I did on it and then find that row from the chart. Even with large lace charts you usually remember whereabouts in the chart you should look. For me this method seems to be faster than marking.

I might be a compulsive hand washer, but to me using a marker or a post-it near a project is a frightening idea. My fingers would feel sticky and I would have to go and wash my hands after every mark. Magnets would not have that problem, but I like to see the previous and next rows on the chart and the strip would cover them.