Keep your iPod/cellphone warm

I knitted an awesome iPod case for my 16-yr old sister in law and she loves it… VERY SIMPLE

Here’s the basics pattern, not @ all scientific and don’t yell @ me for my lack of pattern translation - this was someone else’s translation from yet another person, so it gets recycled… still works great! :

What u need:
Size 8 or 9 needles
Cheapie $2.00 yarn from Walmart or Joann’s
plastic tapestry needle
a big colorful plastic button
regular needle & thread

Cast on 20 sts (you can use straight needles or circular knit back and forth)
Work in rib knit (K1,P1) every row til you have a piece about 9-10" long, the tighter the better

Cast off until you have 8 sts left on your needle, then proceed to knit in stockinette stitch (K 1 row, P1 row) until that portion is about 3-4" - make sure you have a K row next

K 2 stitches, then K2tog, increase 1 st, K2 tog, K 2
(this row forms a buttonhole)
p1,P2tog, P 3, P2tog, p1
K3, K2tog,K2
K all remaining stitches tog
Leave a 5" tail (this will be woven in later)

Fold the piece in half so that it forms a 4 - 5 " pocket. Using your plastic needle & some yarn, stitch the sides up, making sure it is extra tight @ the top corners, then tuck the yarn ends in.

On front corner of body, fasten the button with reg needle & thread to th opposite corner from the handle base.

Using plastic needle, weave in all loose ends of yarn, trim, then button handle


It took me about the same length of time to make as “Gone With The Wind”, but that’s only b/c I am not a speedy knitter.
Enjoy :smiley:

Here’s a pic of one of the finished projects:

Oooh! That is cute. I just made the one out of the Stitch N Bitch book but I might try that one for a friend. Love it! Might do one for my cell phone too.

it works very well felted too — just use size 13/15 needles and 100% wool yarn like Lamb’s Pride, Noro Kureyon or Cascade 220 - wash & dry 2-3x


i like the idea of the handle on that one so i can button it around the handle to whatever bag i am carrying at the moment…aaaaaaaand a good excuse to watch GWTW…lol

well i finally got around to finishing a couple of these. I did get scolded at a lecture i was attending this weekend for knitting up that blue one instead of taking notes…i had to prove to him later that i really was listening when i was shopping in his store :wink:

i made the one with a longer handle because i wanted to be able to dangle the whole thing into my bag.

now i need help. I used Amy’s button hole video because i ripped out half the handle 4 times this weekend using these instructions. I couldn’t ever make it work. Every time i tried to, it appeared my stitches were all wonky. It looks to me i need more stitches on my needle than what i have when i get to the second line…(if i remember right i had six stitches on my needle and needed nine to complete the line, or something along those lines) Am i counting wrong?

aaaaaanyway…2 down, and two to go. I think i am going to try to add some eyelash to the top of the next one to go with a scarf i made…

thanks Roxy…it was a great project to work on while doing other things…yes it was my WWKIP project! :wink:

[size=2][color=red]edited to introduce TRUDY! One of my newest acquisitions from the weekend…whooda thunk that my yarn collection would be less expensive than my bear collection! ain’t she cute? hehe[/color][/size]

Very CUTE!!! What kind of yarn are you using? Love the colors you’ve shown off to us! :smiley:

You’ve given me a very good idea for my husband’s niece for her b-day in Sept. :wink:

Thanks for sharing!!


i am a little embarassed to say what i used for these guys…lol. remember i have become a TOTAL yarn snob. :oops:

the blue one is Lorna’s Laces (which by the way i am not in love with…feels great and the colors are beautiful but it seems to split pretty easily) and the other one is landscapes believe. Something that i got at my LYS anyway. the only tag i have with me is rolled up inside the ball so i can’t remember for sure. Definitely more money than i should spend to make something like this but i decided i just don’t care…i just used what i had. And i have plenty left to make scarves to match both of them…lol

Don’t be embarressed! I really like the way they turned out and sometimes it’s all about what you use! :smiley:

Great job!

OMG they are sooooooooo cute - very nice work…they look better than mine! :happydance:

I wasn’t totally sure on the counts for the handle/buttonhole, but it looks like you managed just fine :slight_smile:
Great job!

:thumbsup: :XX: :cheering:

oh sheesh yer killin’ me…lol. my friends kept laughing at me because i kept ripping out that button hole…i swear i did it 4 times and they kept wanting to see the finished product and i coudln’t show it to them because i couldn’t figure out the button hole…lol. i really did enjoy the pattern and you were right…super easy. working on another one now that i am doing differently…we’ll see what happens with it.

thank you for the pattern!!