Keep yarn from twisting while knitting two strands from two skeins held together

Any ideas appreciated!

I’m knitting an afghan with two strands held together. The yarn from the two skeins twists and it’s driving me crazy! I have tried…

*using a ball winder on each skein individually
*using a ball winder for the two skeins together
*using yarn straight from the skein without winding
*taking working yarn from the inside of the winded yarn
*taking working yarn from the outside of the winded yarn

Help! I feel like I’m spending only half my time knitting and the other half of my time un-twisting the yarn.

p.s. I tried to just knit with it twisted and ignore it, but I can’t. I just can’t do it.

Suggestions? Experience? Hope???

I use center pull balls to minimize the rolling around and tangling. You might also try putting each ball into a container (bowl, box or bag) to minimize tangles. I don’t worry about the yarns twisting around each other however.

Trying to the keep the yarn from twisting in the sts is futile, and it won’t look bad at all when you’re finished. Keeping the 2 separate strands from tangling together as you’re knitting is helped by putting each one into a separate container, or one on either side of you. Keep the balls separate, don’t wind them together.

I don’t have any advice/help at all – mostly because the same exact thing happens to me. Although I don’t care about the twisting while I’m knitting, that doesn’t bother me.

What REALLY bothers me is trying to UNtwist the 2 strands and wind them up seperately! (if I need to start over) That’s almost IMPOSSIBLE!!

Hope you find the help you need!!!

Thanks y’all. I think I need to just get over the yarn being twisted. I tried it for a couple rows a while back in my project, and it didn’t look bad or different, it just bugs me. Thanks again, happy knitting!

what does 3\ mean in knitting pattern?


That looks like a chart symbol, and could mean k3togtbl or sssk, or something entirely different.

I tried carring one yarn in one hand, and another in the other hand and knit in both continental and English styles. But I had to learn English style and my tension was too tight but the loops too big :slight_smile:

Then I tried carring two yarns in one hand, one over index finger, one over middle, and it worked better. It is still a little awkward but not as annoying as twisted yarns :slight_smile:

I believe the twisting happens because of how the project is handled at the end of every row.

When it’s time to start a new row, if I always flip it around the same way each time, the yarn will twist tighter and tighter each row.

So, to avoid this problem, I flip it around in the other direction occasionally.

Hope this helps!