Hello. I am new here but I am not new to knitting. I have done a lot of knitting since I was 26. I am now 52. I am well practiced in knitting and even in making up patterns for knitting. So, here’s my problem… :knitting:

I am doing a pattern for one of those thick chunky sweaters with the garter stitch collar. It has a stitch I don’t recognize. It is driving me crazy. The following is the row.

k1, [k1, KB1, k1] all in next st, k1 - 5 sts.

I am totally bamboozled by this KB1. Can anyone help me please. I sure would appreciate it.

Everything in the brackets, [k1, KB1, k1] will be knit in one st, making a double increase. Knit 1, leave the st on your left needle, knit into the st below it, knit into the st again, then pull the st off your left needle. K1B is demonstrated on the Glossary page.

It means knit 1, but dont’ take it off the needle. Knit into the back of the stitch below, but don’t take it off the needle (2 stitches from 1), then knit into it from the front again (3 stitches out of one.) And then continue on with the knit one. Does that help?

Into the back of the stitch below what??? I’m sorry but I still don’t understand… ok perhaps I should watch the video. That might make it more clear to me. I’ve been taking care of a three year old with whooping cough for two weeks, so I am not thinking clearly right now. Her Mommy wants her to have a sweater like her brother got when he was her age, he’s now seven and still wears the sweater sometimes. I got as far as the collar and got stumped. Thanks for the help. I’ll go watch the video now…

The stitch below the one on the needle has a back loop, that’s the purl bump on the WS. That’s what you knit into. You might have to peer over the top of the needle to find it.

Thanks so much for all your help. The collar was finished at 1 a.m. I was determined not to go to sleep until it was done. I just HATE not being able to figure out a pattern. This is a cute little sweater. The pockets are mitten fronts sewn onto the fronts of the sweaters. It is adorable for a child. I made one for my grandson when he was three, now my granddaughter just HAS to have one too. It is almost finished. I have to knit the little mitten fronts and then sew them on and I am done.

Once again thanks for the help. This site is wonderful.

Hugs to SuzeeQ… and to ContiKnitter

Just so that you all know, my granddaughter’s sweater is now finished and at the tailor’s getting a zipper put into it. When I am done I will take a picture of it and post that on here if I can figure out how to. Thanks once again for all the help!