Anybody here from Kansas? :??

:cheering: YES!!!

Woo Hoo! Another Kansas knitter! We’re pretty much two of the few on this forum aren’t we? :teehee:

I believe you are right.

Okay, one more reporting in! DooDah knitter here.

Can I be a virtual member of this KS clan? I’m an OP native who was transplanted to the Bay Area 7 years ago. I was back in KC a week ago…to experience heat, humidity and lots of rain. (So, OK…I don’t miss that!) I get back to KC 3-4 times a year. And, I’ll always consider it home.

Cool!! Yeah, I live in OP now and was born here too. It does get quite humid and warm here with occasional rain, but it’s my home and I absolutely looove it!! :slight_smile: Where exactly is the Bay area?

I live in Oakland. (But I’m still a Chiefs fan!)
We have family coming here from OP tomorrow. They’re ready to enjoy a break in Summer heat and humidity for a few days. But, they’re a little worried about earthquakes. (We had a “light” one yesterday.) :shock:
No time to knit this weekend – I need to get ready for company!

I’m from Kansas! :slight_smile:

I am an hour south of Wichita; Arkansas City to be precise. I’d love to meet other knitters. I’ve just taught my hubby to knit just to have someone to knit with. :slight_smile:

Jen Angel

Crossed Fingers Obviously I’ve been watching the Jayhawks and Knitting instead of logging on to the computer.

Been knitting in Big Springs (itty-bitty town by Lawrence) for 3 years now —

Another Kansas knitter! Love to knit.

waving a paw at you… from the other side of the Missouri river

I’m a Kansas Knitter as well.
Northwest of KC up here in Lansing
Hard to believe after all these years of moving around in the AF, 31 to be exact that I wound up here.
Nice to know that I’m not in the prairie knitting alone.

Another KS knitter :slight_smile: I just started knitting a couple of weeks ago and have been to timid to go to any local knitting meetups but figured I’d introduce myself here even though this tread was so far down in the list.

Hey guys! I’m born and bred in Topeka and will be here until Labor Day. If you’re in the area, wanna meet up?

I live in Wichita and just started knitting a couple months ago. Doesn’t seem that it has been that long. Have done a few items for the kids and now I am working on a towel for my daughter in her school colors. She wants me to have it done by Memorial Day which is 2 weeks away hopefully I can knit 52 inches in 2 weeks.

I was wondering if there is a knitter near me that would be willing to give me a couple of lessons? I am about 30 mins south of Olathe, KS. I am willing to drive to come to you. I have watched videos and read but I am a see it, do it kinda of learner. I am wanting to learn to make socks.


Im East of Kansas City. I used to live in Olathe for 12 years. I think I live a little over an hour from you. But we could meet if you want!


[QUOTE=lissaplus2;1291606]Im East of Kansas City. I used to live in Olathe for 12 years. I think I live a little over an hour from you. But we could meet if you want!



That would be great! How much would you charge?


Christy…I left you a priviate message