KAL buttons

Since I am new to the Oddball Knitting KAL’s, can you tell me where to find the link for the buttons you all have on your posts? I would like to add the Oddball Baby Blanket KAL and the Oddball Shawl KAL to my blog. I see that Sandy just created the Premie button, but where are the others?

Can anyone give me the link(s)? Thanks

What I usually do is right click on the buttons and save the images to my computer. Then, I upload them to either photobucket or flickr and copy the url for the image.

Is there a button for oddball shawls?

Sorry for the delay in responding. I just noticed this message.

Here is the button and link for Oddball Blankets:

Oddball Baby Blankets:

Oddball Preemie Blankets:

I don’t have one yet for Oddball Shawls, but I’ll make one right now. Thanks for asking! :hug:

Here’s the button I just made. I hope it’s okay.

Aw, Sandy, you used my picture! :slight_smile: I love it, thanks!