K5tog tbl - HELP!

knitting the “Glow Sticks” top by Tahki Yarns

instructions state:
Row 5: K1, [(K5tog tbl, yo, k5tog tbl, yo, k5tog tbl) all in next 5 sts] across to last five stitches, k1.

I am able to k5tog tbl, but what I don’t understand is the bracketing here.

At first I had 137 stitches and I went across the whole row k5tog tbl, yo, but this decreased the row to less than 60 stitches - not good.

So knitting friends, can anyone provide an explanation for the bracketed instructions? I have a feeling [B][B]all in next 5 sts[/B][/B]
is the key here…

Thanks in advance!

You’re right. All of the manipulations in the parentheses should happen in the next 5 sts. Your stitch count won’t change because the K5tog tbl x 3 and the yo x 2 will give you back the 5 sts. It’s a similar idea to the sts shown in this video:

You’l k5tog tbl but don’t drop the stitch from the left needle, keep going with the yo, k5togtbl, yo, k5togtbl into that same group of sts.
Very clever pattern and nice looking top.

But if I k5tog tbl, that uses up five stitches…how can I do that two more times in the same 5 stitches?

Thanks for your quick response btw - I’m caught up in this silly pattern! Ready to toss it in and crochet the darn thing.

Don’t slip the 5sts off the left hand needle. Knit the 5sts tog tbl but leave them on the left hand needle. You’ll have one loop over the right needle. Do a yarn over on the right needle and then re-insert the right needle into the same 5sts on the left needle. Do another yo on the right needle and again re-insert the right needle into the same 5sts on the left needle, knit them tog tbl and this time drop the sts from the left needle.
If you’re a tight knitter, the k5tog won’t be easy so try to loosen un on these sts.
Actually, this might be easier with a crochet hook. I’ve used one to knit large numbers of sts together.

Giving it a try…

Ding-Ding-Ding!!! I got it, thank you so much. Now that I see how to do it I can’t believe I didn’t get it to begin with! Knit on, sister!!!

One last question…do you think I should carry the yarn up the side or cut and work in each color change?

Excellant! I hope to see a photo of the finished top.