How do I do this. It says knit st 5 rows below: Sl the next st off the left needle and drop it down 4 rows.(There will be 4 strands of yarn above the stitch.} Put right needle into the front of the free st and under the 4 loose strands.Knit fromthis position. It doesnt make sense. Any help would be appreciated.
Thank you all very much.

You let the stitch unravel until there are 4 horizontal strands of yarn between the two needles. You grab that dropped stitch and bring it up behind the 4 strands. What doesn’t make sense is to get it with your right needle, since you’d have to knit it from the left needle. :??

Maybe pick it up with the right, slip it to the left and knit from there? Maybe it’s just easier to get it with the right needle.

Thank you…they could have used the work unraval.