K5 dropping extra loops? !@#$%^

Help!! I am so confused. Here is how the pattern reads:

Row 5: *k5w, k6 repeat to the end - This I understand, but
Row 6: *k5 dropping extra loops, p6 repeat to the end — What do I do here? Does this mean I knit the first of the 2 loops I created by k5w and drop the next one? :??

You’ll be going back the other way, so wouldn’t you encounter the back of the p6 stitches before you get to the loops?

yes. I was just lazy, not copying the whole pattern. my major problem is the drop the loop part …


Maybe this will help some.

I think these are elongated stitches. Knit one stitch and drop the wrap (extra st). It’ll make long, elegant stitches. :slight_smile: