K3tog, 2YO?

I’m working on a market bag. One row says:

K3tog, 2yo (that means wrap twice)

Next row is:
[k1, p1] in each 2yo :shock:

What does that mean? Do I k the first wrap and p the 2nd wrap or do I work the 2yo as one stitch k in front and p in the back? :hmm:

You do a knit st in one loop of the double YO and purl into the other loop of it.

that’s how I would see that, too.
if you would make more stitches than you would increase.

The double YO makes a nice big hole in your lace. The problem is just to knit it off, since it is virtually impossible to just do 2 knit stitches in a double wrap. Therefore in cases of a 2YO it calls for k1 p1 or for k1 k1tbl - with the only purpose to make the second YO doable.

I didn’t find the getting the 2YO off the needle too hard, just had to make sure I didn’t drop one, but since the P happens every 9th stitch I simply kept counting so as not to forget. You’re right, the hole is nice & big & I LOVE this market bag…

It’s the To Market, To Market from the July 2010 Creative Knitting or also available online from Ravelry (link above).

Also, if you’re into market bags, check out my new Market Bag group on Ravelry, we’re having a fun KAL/CAL. :wink:

Just to clarify - the pattern isn’t available online, you can just see it at Ravelry. Nice stitch pattern.