K3 p3 cast on

I am casting on in an aternative cable cast on and I have a couple questions.
Instead of doing k1 p1 can I do k3 p3 while casting on?
I am going to be knitting in the round, do I join normally?
Is there a better casting on method for k3p3?

Oh, gosh! I cable cast on all the time. I never thought to do it purle-wise. I would just cable cast on knit wise for all the stitches, then start the k3, p3 when joined.

Curious to see what other say. As I said, I never thought to cast on purl-wise.

Sure you can cast on in rib, alternating knit and purl sts. There’s also a way you can do it with the Long tail CO, but I’ve never tried it.

I’ve done the ribbed cast on in long tail, but I’d have to play with it to remember how. :think:

I’ve never thought of doing cable cast on in purl. . . interesting.