Good Morning everyone :cheering: I am doing a blanket with 25 individual squares…I am running into this stitch (K2tog,yo) 3 times .So begin with knit 2 together, do yarn over…then that means the first K2tog will not be a yarn over right :?? then I’ll end up with a yarn over to start the next set of sts? Right? :shrug: ending up with yarn over to do next set of sts in pattern??? Thanks :muah:

some knitting books have been poorly edited, and lead new knitters to think a Yarn Over is a 2 part thing:
1–Wrap yarn over the needle,
2–Knit a stitch

this is a mistake.

a yarn over is
1–Wrap Yarn over needle
(continue by working next stitch in the pattern–what ever it is)

so you need to: /K2tog, YO/K2tog, YO/ K2tog, YO/
(the /'s just setting off each set!)

6 stitches in the row “worked” (3 sets of K2togs, and 6 stitches on needles when done (3 knits, 3 YO’s)

Really? :?
Now I’m confused!


Confused about…?

A yo may be followed by a knit, a purl, a slip stitch or k2tog, but should not be wrapping the yarn around the needle and knit 1. Think of a yo as making a stitch where you don’t insert the right needle into a stitch on the left needle.


You shouldn’t be doing a YO as the last stitch on the row. Is that part of your question? Check your pattern. There should be a few stitches for the border at the beginning and end.

I bet the last stitch is a knit 1. 25 is an odd number, so you would be doing k2tog, yo 12 times, then have one at the end.


Thanks everyone…I think Troy is right…I am not doing 25 sts, I am doing 25 individual squares… #1 square pattern is called “Imperial Branch”… these instructions are down a ways into the pattern. The border K3 has already been establised, so this is part of the actual design: K9,K2tog,yo,K5, (K2tog,yo) 3times, K1 … I think I should end up with 6 sts on the needle…My orignal question was do I end up with a yarn over to work the next K1…after the 3 times :muah: :muah: