K2tog or right leaning purl decrease?

Hi everyone!

I’m a fairly new knitter I completed a scarf and one pair of socks where I didn’t put a leg pattern. I’m now attempting a lace leg pattern to try learn some new skills but after starting I’m not seeing the right result.

I have a question regarding k2tog. Basically when written out the pattern tells me to do a few k2togs but the chart provided in the pattern has a key and where the symbol that correlated to K2TOG is the written says it should be a right leaning purl decrease? Which I believe are two different things? Can someone help me clarify?

I’m also a little confused as it has astris to repeat a section the finish with a purl I’m working on 4 DPs and a 5th one for doing the round. Am I right in thinking as I have 60 stitches I completed 6 units of 10 ? With the purl every tenth stitch otherwise if I do the repeat it wouldn’t calculate to 60?

Hope this makes sense? As I said I’m completely new to pattern knitting :yarn:

Thanks so much in advance

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What is the name of your pattern?

So the pattern is both charted and written out, is that correct? You may be able to tell whether the pattern wants a k2tog or a p2tog (right leaning) from the photo.

Can you exactly quote the line with the repeat? Don’t give us a large portion of the pattern due to copyright please.