K2tog, knit first stitch again

Hi everyone,

I’m playing with a new knit/purl pattern, and the pattern says to k2tog, then knit first stitch again. Googling this is useless, anyone know what this means? What I’ve been doing so far is k2tog, slipping the resulting stitch back on the left needle, picking up the first from the 2 in the row below, knitting it, then slipping the k2tog stitch back on the right needle. Does that sound right?

Thanks in advance!

this creates like a “faux cable” and what you do is do your K2tog like normal, but when you have pulled the working yarn through the 2 stitches, just insert the needle right back into the first stitch again, knit it normally, and then pull both stitches off the left needle. I think the way you are doing it should produce the same result, though, honestly, (just concerned about the stitch order changing with the slipping possibly) just one less step if you just leave it on the left needle instead of slipping.

found a video:

(youtube “right twist knitting” if you want to see some more :))

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Oh, you’re awesome, thank you so much. The way you describe it makes a LOT more sense to me. Thank you!

I know a pattern it is used in - just to mention.
It is a herringbone neck warmer:


one row of the 2 that stitch is the “star”.

What will your pattern come out to? Do you have a pic? I am curious!

I’m so glad I found this, I’m working on a sweater and this is one of the instructions and I didn’t understand it until I saw this link . Thank you!

Hi. I am working with this in a pattern now. They call it a front crossover. You work the K2tog, but don’t slide off left needle. Work first/nearest tip as a normal knit stitch, then slide both off. This does not create a decrease or increase. Stitch count remains the same.

sorry, just re-read and bad 4th sentence, let me restate, Work first/nearest to needle tip as a normal knit stitch, then slide both (k2tog) stitches off needle…