K2sp help needed


I just don’t understand this K2SP. I thought I had it, only to find that as I was knitting, the stitches were dropping.

I understand from previous posts and berroco to k2 tog, then sl st back to LH needle, lift 2nd st on LH needle back over returned st and replace returned st on RH needle (2 sts dec’d)

I don’t know what they mean by “then lift” that 2nd st on the left needle. What, like come in from the left of it as if to knit? I just don’t get it.

Again, thanks for help. I"m making tank top noted:


What, like come in from the left of it as if to knit?

Yes, that. K2tog, put that st back on the left needle, then slip the next st to the left of it over it, then move the st back to the R needle. It makes a double decrease - or you can also k3tog.


You knit the two tog then move the result directly back to the left needle without twisting or anything. Then for the lifting part use the right hand needle and skipping over the first stitch at the tip of the needle, pick up the leg of the second stitch as though you were going to purl it and lift if over the stitch at the tip of the needle and off. This is like what you do to bind off, but you usually do it on the right needle. Then slip the stitch that got “hopped” back to the right hand needle purlwise.


Okay, I got it. Yay and thanks :slight_smile:


Thanks for the question and reply. Very useful!