I am making a hat with circular needles (my first hat). The pattern has 2 choices, fold up or beanie. I chose beanie. The fold up says to rib k2p2 but the beanie says k2garter2. I thought garter was just knit stitches? I remember reading somewhere that on circulars it is backwards so am I supposed to knit 2 purl 2? And if I am, why can’t they just use the same term throughout the pattern?!

well i am not sure i understand that direction but to do garter stitch on circs you have to do knit one row/purl one row so that you get the ridges. if you just knit around like you would normally when knitting flat, you will get stockinette.

i don’t really get that instruction at all though.


this is the pattern…

figured it out, it does say in the pattern, I was just confused because of the way it was written:

Work in a 2x2 garter rib pattern until the total length of the cap is 5 to 6 inches. The stitch pattern is as follows:
Round 1: K2 P2 around. Round 2: Knit. (purl if working flat)

I took that to mean work in 2x2 garter rib and THEN do the stitch pattern when what it really means is 2x2 garter rib IS that stitch pattern. :doh:

Thanks for the reply, though!