K2 tog

As a fairly new knitter who is still learning some of the basics that most of you already have experience with, I would like to ask a question regarding k2 tog.
On the second row of a pattern, the instructions call for this kind of stitch, and I have no trouble doing it since its not really hard; my problem is this: on row 3, the pattern calls for straight knitting all across the row. How do I treat the yarn strands that were k2 tog on the second row? Are they treated as one strand or are they knitted separately on this row? Sorry this is so basic, :rollseyes: but I’ve had trouble and have begun to look for patterns where there is no k2 tog. That sure limits my choices, and your help would be greatly appreciated.
Thanks, Lynn

After you k2tog, you only have that one loop on your needle, so just treat it as one stitch.