K1tbl, K1....an increase?

I’m working on the Mariah pattern on Knitty.com but I’m confused by an increase that’s worked on the sleeve…

It says… [k1tbl, k1] in st, insert left needle behind vertical strand between the 2 new sts, k this; makes 2 new sts.

I don’t understand how to do this. Someone please help!


Here’s the pattern for the cardigan. http://knitty.com/ISSUEwinter04/PATTmariah.html

If you k1tbl of the next stitch, leave it on the needle and knit that same stitch through the front leg, you’ve increased 1 stitch. Then if you leave both those stitches on the left needle and knit in the strand between the two of them, you’ve increased another stitch for an increase of 2.


Thanks a million!!!


On this same pattern, it calls for a 5 st decrease to 1 doing the following:

sl 3 kwise (one at a time), pass 2nd st on right needle over first (centre) st; sl centre st back to left needle, pass next st over it, sl centre st to right needle, rep * to *, purl remaining (centre) st.

OK. So I get the sl 3 sts and passing the 2nd st over the first. I also understand slipping the centre st to the left needle but do I now pass the next stitch on the left needle and pass this stitch back to the right needle? I’ve been trying this but it’s not working right.




What you’re doing is putting stitches from the left and right side of the center stitch over it for the decrease.

2 1 C 1 2
left needle right needle

Stitch 1 on the right side is going to go over C, then stitch 1 from the left side is going over stitch C. Then you move C back to the right needle and pass stitch 2 over it, then to the left needle for stitch 2 there. Clear enough?

This is why I love you guys so much!!! The clarity when others are lost.

Thank you so much!!

I’m glad Ingrid could answer that one, because it was beyond me!


This link saved my project… I’m also working on a project that is similar to the original poster’s…

here’s the link


hope this helps anyone that is needing the instructions for:
"[k1tbl,k1] in st, insert left needle behind vertical strand between the 2 new stitches, k this, makes 2 new stitches"


Okay. Even with the instructions, I still don’t think I’m doing it right, and the site that someone posted doesn’t lead to anything anymore, as far as I can tell. I worked as someone described, but it does not seem as if I’ve done any increasing. -_- Anyone have a different explanation?

Do the first part like a kfb except you knit tbl first, then knit into the front of the loop there’s 2 new sts on the R needle. There should be a small strand of yarn between the 2 sts, put the L needle into that and knit into it, making a 3rd st. You could also just kfbf - knit into the front of the st, the back, then into the front again to make a 2 st increase. Another way to do a double inc is to knit into the st, purl into it, then knit into it again. It aren’t quite the same, but should be okay.