K1M, what does it mean?

Every now and then I see a pattern with K1M on that, and I am a bit confused about what that means. Does it mean a M1 or something?

M1K is an abbreviation for: make 1 knitwise but I have not come across K1M before.
It might be a typo!!?!!
Sorry not to be very helpful, it will be interesting to see if anyone else knows it.

I agree likely make 1 knit but can you give us a pattern name or link? Does the pattern Have a glossary?

It’s called the Viannette Shawl. It’s not free, but you can find it on Ravelry.

No list of abbreviations? If not, go with knotknittingknots’ suggestion of M1K.

If you are doing colourwork it probably means knit 1 using the Main colour and K1C will use the Contrast colour.
That’s my two penn’orth anyway.

Just made contact. Turns out it’s a typo and was meant to say K1 instead. :smile: