K1b stitch

Is k1b …is it the same as knit thru back loop? Same results?

Sometimes, you have to see if there’s a definition, or what the FO looks like. Sometimes it means ‘k 1 below’, which gives you a brioche looking rib. There’s a video for that on the Glossary page, and here’s a tutorial with pictures.

It depends. K1b can mean knit one below, but occasionally it is used to mean K1 tbl. To knit one below you knit right into the center of the knit stitch below the first stitch on the left hand needle. Then you let the stitch above it slide off as you finish the knit stitch. It will be unknit.

Which makes sense with your pattern? And is there an explanation of the abbreviations used anywhere in the book, on the web-site, with the pattern, or whatever? I think K1b is more commonly used for knit one below.

You can also tell by the pattern’s picture. If it’s a twisted rib, it’s ktbl, if it’s a strange looking rib, it’s k1 below.