.....[k13,k1tbl] repeat [to] five more times

help! i’m a new, self taught knitter. i’m having my first baby…a little girl. and i have started an afghan for her.

in the pattern, one of the instructions for a row gives directions which i understand…then on the same row, it says: [k13,k1tbl] repeat [to] five more times . i understand the k1tbl…but, what does the whole thing mean. repeat the line up to the k13…or repeat the line including the k13?? then it goes on with end k9, k1tbl, k13, k1tbl, k10 .

help!! can anyone help with the instructions? in reading it, it sounds pretty simple…but i don’t know what it means.

thank you so much for any help you can give me. i don’t have anyone to ask.


It means repeat the instructions in the brackets [k13,k1tbl] 5 more times, then continue on with the rest of the row.


thank you! that’s what i was thinking that it meant…but didn’t want to have to tear it out if i was wrong.

thank you so much!!

hope you have a great night!