*K1, YO* ? simple but stupid

I made this mistake before on this tiered skirt I"m making, well,
wait here’s the question. I know this is simple but I’m blocked I guess.

If the pattern says K1, YO repeat for one round.

Well this skirt I"m working on has 3 tiers so you do that twice. The first time I did it, I K1, yo, K1, yo thereby doing a yo every other stitch.

When I got done and counted the stitches I was way short, in other words I should have done a yo EVERY STITCH. I’m about to do this again for the 3rd section/tier. Is that right then, you’re not doing the YO every other stitch but EVERY STITCH… am I making sense here?

geez feel so stupid sometimes

It’s an easy mistake to make - a YO is almost always followed by a knit stitch, so a lot of people think that they should be doing YO, K1 every time they see YO in a pattern.
Yes, it looks like you should be doing one every stitch. Knit one, wrap the yarn around, knit another one, wrap the yarn around, knit another one, wrap the yarn… you get the picture.

Hey thanks Tab! It’s the simplest things that sometimes you blank on, but this did seem a little tricky… ever forget your phone number!?

just knit a stitch, then yarn over, then knit a stitch, then yarnover.