K1, YO,K1.....Order of stitches...does it matter?

Hello Everyone,

I am knitting a pattern from Purl Soho Thorn Stitch Cowl, knitted in the round. The pattern calls for K1,YO,K1 into 1 stitch then K3 throughout the round. I have submitted my question to Purl Soho but I have not heard back.

Here is my question: After the K1,YO,K1 round, when I go to knit the next round the K1, YO, K1 is out of order…either the YO has moved to become the first stitch or last stitch of the 3 ( YO, K1,K1 OR K1,K1, YO). Does it matter that the stiches are out of order when I go to knit them?

Thanks in advance for your help!


Those pesky yarn overs, they do tend to move. Yes, you need to move them back in place to maintain the pattern as given.

It’s a lovely cowl and free pattern. Thanks for giving us the name.

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Thank you for your help. I thought so but I was hoping not.