K1 (selvage)

I think this is just supposed to be a knit stitch, but I wanted to check with the experts before I start.

Here’s what the pattern says:
establish Embellished Garter (EG) patt as follows (RS): K. (WS): K1 (selvage), *EG (Row 2). Rep from * to 2 sts from end, SSC, k1 (selvage).

The SSC is a column of slipped stitches on the WS, so I don’t think I would slip a stitch and then slip the edge stitch again. But I could be wrong.

So what do they mean by K1 (selvage)?

Here’s what I’m about to start: https://knititude.com/patterns/etrusca-sleeveless-top

I wonder if it’s the same as a selvedge edge and k1 = pick up a stitch?

I don’t actually know, though.

You just knit it. A selvage (or edge stitch) has been included in your pattern. Your pattern stitches are between the edge stitches. If you do seams it will make it easier to sew them.