* (K1, P2) Repeat twice - Is this

  1. Just K1, P2 twice,


  1. K1, P2 into the same stitch-

My feeling is it’s #2, but darn if it’s not difficult to get these stitches into one stitch.

Anyone have any advice? Thanks! :slight_smile:


It depends somewhat on the pattern, but based on what you wrote I’d say it’s #1 – or, for clarity, it’s K1 P2 K1 P2. They’re in parentheses because they’re the what-to-do-twice group, not because they go in the same stitch. (Saying “K1, P2 Repeat twice” would be ambiguous between K1 P2 K1 P2 and K1 P2 P2.)

If you’re not sure, though, and if there are stitch counts – eg you know how many stitches you have on the needle, and can count the other stitches used in the row – thatll be a more definite answer.

My vote is for number 1.

I vote number 1 as well. K1, P2, K1, P2…

I vote #1 too - most of the patterns I’ve read state “into same stitch” very clearly if that’s what they mean, and, like isabeau said, they use the parentheses to make clear what part you do twice.

Thanks to all!

You’re all the best!