[k1, p1 tbl] in same stitch

This pattern instruction keeps showing up in a pattern I’m working on, but I can’t seem to purl through the back loop without somehow ending up with an extra stitch on my right needle. What am I doing wrong? I should have just two stitches when I’m done, one knit one purled. Any thoughts? Thanks.

I figured it out … found a video … and I was doing it all wrong, which is why it wasn’t really working. But thanks to previously stumped knitters, I found my answer.

Well, just in case someone else missed it. Make sure that your yarn is on the correct side for your stitch. Back for knit, front for purl. Even if it is in the same stitch.
Way kewl that you figgered it out!!!:thumbsup:

can you direct me to the video you found? my pattern calls for k1p1k1 into the same stitch and i have no idea how to do that.

Go to the Increases page and click on the video for kfb, knit front and back. You’ll be doing that plus another stitch into the front of the st.

ahhhh, thank you sooo much! now i can finally continue my sweater and finish! yay!
this is the first time posting a question and wasn’t sure if i would be able to navigate back to where i posted my question!
thank you thank you thank you!