K1 p1 ribbing question

Hi everyone
I have 11 stitches on needle working flat in k1 p1 ribbing. My pattern says to increase 1 stitch on each of next two rows.(13) stitches. How do I do this and keep ribbing right? Also I have to pick up along both sides eventually, if that makes any difference


If your rows start and end with k1, you could add a purl stitch at the beginning of the row and then, on the next row, start with a k1. That’ll maintain the rib.
Does the rib pattern continue or do you change to another pattern stitch? Can you give us a pattern name or a link to the pattern>

They are the moon socks by drops


Thanks for the pattern link. Is this the part you’re on?

Now keep the first 9-11-11 sts on the round on the needle, slip the remaining 27-27-29 sts on a stitch holder.
Continue with rib back and forth over the 9-11-11 sts for upper foot piece - AT THE SAME TIME on 1st row cast on 1 new st in each side (edge st) = 11-13-13 sts.

That says to cast on a new stitch each side but I don’t find the increase 1 st on the next two rows.

I think that [I]is[/I] the increase on the next two rows, a cast on.

Sorry, that is the part I am on. I thought with the translation they just meant to increase because I can,t understand why you would cast on

So how do I do this and keep my ribbing as it should be

Because I need to know: Would it be OK to increase rather than do a cast on?

i 2nd that… my first thought was to increase at the beginning of the round before the ribbing pattern starts, but then i thought some of you would have better answers that that, having ‘been there, done that’…


The cast on is easy and I’d just do it. Knit into the last stitch, pull up the loop and put it on the needle at the end of the row before turning the work - a knitted cast on stitch. Repeat. What I’m not sure of and can’t tell by looking at the pattern is whether there would be a specific reason that the cast on stitches would be called for. I’m inclined to think there might be.

I tried the cast on at the end of the row but at the end of the next row when I repeated the cast on and turned to do the next row my ribbing is off. What am I doing wrong? Could anyone walk me through this row by row?

Based on my reading of the pattern, you’re working a heel flap. When you finish the flap you’ll pick up stitches along the edges. I want to say to work the edge stitches as stockinette because it will make pick up and knit easier. I think that generally on a heel flap the first stitch is slipped and that might be a better solution. salmonmac will probably have a chance to check in again soon if you want to wait for her or somebody else to comment.

It is actually the top part of the foot but the stitches are picked up on both sides to knit the bottom of the foot.

I have to do this pattern. I just have to. Then I’ll understand how it works. They’re cute too. I just looked at the gauge and think I might have yarn on hand to do them. Just what I need, another WIP. :slight_smile:

The pattern calls for a cast on which is going to bump out the top part of the foot. Later, a bind off is called for, again one stitch at the beginning of the next two rows. That’s not the more gradual slope that an increase and later decrease would give but a step out and later a step in to shape the foot.
As far as keeping in ribbing, you won’t be able to continue with k1, p1. If you increase as given you’ll now be doing p1, k1 across the row and ending with a p1. Another way to do this is to look at your sts. If you see a V as the next stitch on the left needle, knit it. If you see a bump or a stitch with a little collar around it, purl it. That’s sure to keep your ribbing pattern intact, even with the extra sts.

Thanks all for all the help. Just one more question now that I know it has to be a purl stitch at each end. How difficult is it to pick up stitches along a purl edge or like grumpygramma mentioned could I slip the first stitch?

Your right side rows will now have purl sts at each end but looking at it from the wrong side, they’ll be knit sts. So it’s no more difficult to pick up sts either way, purl sts or knit sts.
You could do a slip stitch edge but that’ll decrease the width of the piece along the top of the foot. If that’s ok, then go ahead and give it a try. It’s really a matter of personal preference.
The one other thing to consider is that each slip stitch will span 2 rows. Your row gauge is 17 rows/4inches. That means that on the largest size, for example, when you knit about 4 inches you’ll then have to pick up 16sts in 17rows or about 9 slipped stitches so you won’t be able to pick up one stitch per slipped edge.

Thanks salmonmac, I didn’t know that. I’ll just go ahead as normal without the slipped stitches.

Thanks. I just can’t seem to think through these things. You’re the best. :thumbsup:

That’s kind of you to say but really, I’ve just been there and made those mistakes already! I’m happy someone can benefit.